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Toupret Rock Solid Repair Filler Mur Ex 2kg Special Offer £15.39 incl. VAT
Toupret Quick Fill Touprelex 1 Litre Special Offer £12.99 incl. VAT


Price increase and product shortages

Dear Customers,

No doubt you are aware that we are experiencing problems with product supplies and we would like to keep you up to date with what is currently happening within the building materials supply chain. Whilst the continued impact of COVID is playing its part, the overall picture is more complex and we are seeing a number of shortages in key product areas and price increases. Palladium Building Supplies are working hard with existing nad new suppliers to mitigate any impact this has on our ability...

Toupret Quick Dry Filler TX 110 2kg Special Offer £11.06 incl. VAT
Toupret Masonry Repair Filler Touprelith 1.5kg Special Offer £8.99 incl VAT
Toupret Interior Filler Le Reboucheur 2kg Special Offer £8.59 incl vat